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Various announcements made here related to photography and other aspects of my life.

April 7, 2009 - My poster page has been updated with my latest posters. Click here to check them out!
August 18, 2005 - Moving to the Big Apple...
It's true, I'll be moving to Brooklyn Heights in August. While there I plan to continue sharpening my photography skills, and marketing my photography in new ways. And attempting to capture the essence of New York City (i.e., it's people, and it's architecture).
Doing business on eBay
I'm now hooked on eBay. And have begun selling some of my photography there. Click here to view my auction listings.
Charleston & Folly Beach, South Carolina.. 10/26/04 - 11/01/04
Took some really great photographs during my trip to Charleston, where I visited long time friends Joe Andersen, and Robert Veit. Photographed the Morris Island Lighthouse, and some really great historical sites in downtown Charleston. The food was wonderful, so were the people. If you get down there, try the "She Crab Soup". And be sure to down it with some of their wonderful sweet tea!
The Photographer/Graphic Designer/Computer Guy/Chef?

Yes Chef! On Monday, January 12, 2004, I begin another new career path in my life. I will participating in Boston University's (BU) Culinary Arts program. After 23 years in the computer industry, it's time to try something entirely different. Click here to follow my progress - hey, who knows maybe I could become the next Emeril Lagasse!

*Please check out the review I wrote for a wonderful cookbook entitled:

Made in Marseille: Food and Flavors from France's Mediterranean Seaport

by Daniel Young

Oh yeah, I finished the Culinary Arts program at BU in April. I learned a ton. Cooked alongside some of the best chefs in Boston!

Bald Eagle Survey..
On Friday, January 9th, 2004, I participated in the annual Massachusetts Midwinter Bald Eagle Count, at Quabin Reservoir. I sat atop the Enfield Look Out for several hours, and counted at least 20 Bald Eagles. Click here to check out the various photographs I captured.

New Service offered..

Posters can now be purchased from this web site. I've taken some of my very best photographs, and designed posters using them. Click here to view them.
Stock Photography..
One goal I have for 2004 is to get into the Stock Photography business. I plan to record that experience here.
New Photographs..
Some of my more decent photos, taken this Fall are now available for purchase from this web site.

The Last Word..

Awards - I have recently submitted this web site to many of the web design awards available online. I have done pretty well too - check them out here.
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