David P. Klinkhamer - Biography

For me the process of taking a visually appealing photograph begins in my mindís eye. Before heading
out on a shoot, I try and visualize myself in the field with my camera, wondering about looking for things
to capture on my digital film. When Iím actually physically there, instinct takes over.I disconnect, my
mindís eye takes control, scanning the horizon, looking for possible subjects, sometimes taking, other
times moving on to something else

Interestingly enough I was first bit by the shutterbug at the age of 10. At 19, I purchased my first 35mm
I learned the intricacies of the camera, however something was missing, I couldn't quite connect with my
subjects nor develop a process. Four years ago that all changed after I aquired my first Digital camera.
Intially I was very leery about the whole Digital thing, however after becoming comfortable with it, I
realized with my computer background I was now in control of the entire creative process.

Digital Photography has allowed me to forge a true connection with my inner creativity. I am now in total
control of the photographic process - from selecting the subject, to rendering the image in Photoshop if
neccessary, and finally selecting the appropriate print values to obtain that burst of color, and distinct
sharpness to produce a quality print.